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personality and a special emphasis on value-oriented education that can develop and foster values in physical education (viz., health, strength, agility, and harmonious and beautiful symmetry of the human body), vital and emotional education (viz., courage, heroism, adventure, sympathy, mutuality and compassion), rational education (viz., pursuit of clarity, complexity, subtlety, truth, synthesis and comprehensiveness and mental quietude and silence), aesthetic education (viz., pursuit of beauty, sensitiveness and love and appreciation of vision, imagination and artistic expression through various forms of expression), ethical education (viz., pursuit of goodwill, goodness, self-control and self-knowledge through self-control), and spiritual education (viz., pursuit of universality, unity, integration, oneness, and infinite reverence for the highest expressions of truth, beauty and goodness);

(c) Learning to learn or learning to know, learning to do, learning to co-operate, and learning to be;

(d) Exploration of the highest aim of life, and exploration of human potentialities and exploration of the future in the context of the need of human survival and fulfillment of the highest aspirations of humanity.

3. Innovations relating to the Aims of education will underline the demands for skill-oriented education and the demands for study of man's skills related to agriculture and crafts as also skills related to machines, gadgets, techniques and technologies. These aims will be blended in a new system of education that will foster

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