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Purusha is the supreme cause of our subjective life; in that we have to fix our will. Then we can destroy the restless ever- active enemy of our peace and self-mastery, the mind's desire.

4. But what is the method of fixing the intelligent will in the Purusha?

5. We must first understand the difficulties that stand in the way. Normally, our intelligent will takes its downward and outward orientation; and it gets entangled with the play of the three gunas of Prakriti (Nature), inertia and ignorance (tamas), passion, action and struggle (rajas), and light, poise and satisfaction (sattwa). As a result, we fall at the mercy of the objects of senses, and we live in the outward contact of things. The following psychological series follows:—

(a) Senses excited by their objects create a restless or often violent disturbance, a strong or even headlong outward movement towards the seizure of these objects and their enjoyment. These objects carry away the sense-mind, "as the winds carry away a ship upon the sea."

(b) Next, the mind carries away similarly the intelligent will (buddhi) also.

(c) Buddhi, therefore, loses its power of calm discrimination and mastery.

(d) As a result, the soul becomes subjected to the play of the three gunas of Prakriti. This is the cause of the troubled life of the ordinary, unenlightened, undisciplined human being.

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