Bhagavagd Gita

Track Running Session 34- Track 3407

yathā nadīnāṁ bahavo ’mbuvegāḥ samudram evābhimukhā dravanti |

“Just as rivers which are running fast they all move towards samudram evābhimukhā, towards the ocean; tathā tavāmī naralokavīrā, similarly all these great warriors, viśanti vaktrāṇy abhivijvalanti, I see them entering into Your faces which are all burning.” (XI, 28)

yathā pradīptaṁ jvalanaṁ pataṅgā, as the moths which are bright, viśanti nāśāya samṛddhavegāḥ , for their own deaths they enter into fire,

tathaiva nāśāya viśanti lokās tavāpi vaktrāṇi samṛddhavegāḥ ||29||(XI)

Similarly all these, those Drona and Bhishma and Karna and putra(s) of

Dhritarashtra and also my own warriors with a great speed I see them rushing into Your mouth, nāśāya, for their own destruction.”

lelihyase grasamānaḥ samantāt lokān samagrān vadanair jvaladbhiḥ |
tejobhir āpūrya jagat samagraṁ bhāsas tavogrāḥ pratapanti viṣṇo ||30||(XI)

“lelihyase, You are licking Your faces into which these people are entering for their own destruction, as they enter you are licking grasamānaḥ, those who are already pierced by You; all these people who are being burnt, as it were, entering into Your faces which are full of live fire, the whole world is therefore full of brightness and as a result of it everything in the world is being heated.”

ākhyāhi me ko bhavān ugrarūpo namo ’stu te devavaraprasīda |
vijñātum icchāmi bhavantam ādyaṁ na hi prajānāmi tava pravṛttim ||31||(XI)

“Tell me, ākhyāhi me, tell me, ko bhavān ugrarūpo, how you will become once again in mild form, ugrarūpo; namo ’stu te, I bow down to You; devavaraprasīda, Ô Lord be pleased; vijñātum icchāmi, I want to know, bhavantam ādyaṁ, I want to know Your beginning; na hi prajānāmi tava pravṛttim, I don’t know what is Your intention.”

The question of Divine’s will now arises; he is now asking the question: “Tell me now what is Your divine’s will.”

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