Bhagavagd Gita

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Comment: It was violence preached as ‘non violence’

Exactly, how much! You wanted others to do as you say. Why? “With violence you must do otherwise I will die. If you don’t do according to my will I will die: therefore you will be responsible for my death.” What a terrible violence it is? Where is that calmness? Where is that serenity? Where is the impartiality? Where is the divinity? I have a decision made. “You must accept the decision and if you don’t it I will kill myself or I will be killed by you and you will be responsible for it. Therefore to avoid it, you accept what I am saying.” It is by thrusting through your throat; what you don’t want to swallow, you swallow it, even if you don’t want it: it is a terrible violence! It is because there is a confusion of thought in our country.

What is “non–violence”? As Sri Aurobindo says: ‘with non–violence, if it is done violently you create more violence.’ Non–violence also can be practised by violence. You can’t say ‘I am right, you are wrong!’ Satyagraha means what? ‘I am right! You are wrong!’ And who is the decider ‘I am right or wrong’? ‘I am the decider’. Is not it? I have decided: ‘this is right! And now you do according to what I say’.

Now, imagine the ignorance involved in it.

Question: But then to go according to one majority is also not a very correct…

Not at all, absolutely not.

Question: How does one determine the good of all?

Only by knowing the Divine’s will: that is the real answer of the Gita. That’s why you cannot do Karmayoga without the knowledge of the Divine, that’s why the 11th chapter is very important, ‘crucial’ in fact.

Question: Only when the internal chatter stops the Divine will manifest.

Yes, that is one way, but you have to do much more than that. Mere silence is not enough. You must constantly be doing work. All the steps of Karma yoga have to be done, not merely silence of the mind. If you have silenced the mind, the Divine will not manifest. You have to do silence also: Jnana, Karma, Bhakti, all of them combined together, then only you will see that supreme form of the Divine.

Comment: The ideal state would be when the wise only administer.

Yes, absolutely. You are right. Wise should administer the world. That is true.

Uncle, He did not profess violence in the beginning. Sri Krishna tried sandhi He did not administer world right in the beginning.

That’s why Sri Krishna…Yes, you are right.

Comment: All the efforts were made but there were no other way!

But even then destruction was ultimately willed.…destruction was willed, because they would have been destroyed; if they would accept the peace, then the oppression would cease.

Comment: The oppression of Dhritharashtra and his family.

That would be destroyed. Yes, quite right.

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