Isha Upanishad- MIRA - Exclusive, Multiple and Integral Concentration of Consciousness

When there is integral concentration of consciousness, then all that is there, is known simultaneously and perfectly. There is integrality −we realise Brahman as atman, purusha, ishwara; we realise the jivataman; we realise the universal movement coming out of the Brahman and all this is known simultaneously in its integrality. While in the multiple concentration of consciousness, there is a play of a few of these elements being put at the back and you are aware of many such elements not the whole. In the exclusive concentration of consciousness you become concentrated only upon a small limited area and all the rest is put in the background.

What is called avidya in the Upanishad is the field of exclusive concentration of consciousness and multiple concentration of consciousness. Vidya is the opposite − concentration of consciousness on the One, which excludes the multiplicity. By lots of experimentation, it was found that if you reverse your consciousness, then your exclusive concentration of consciousness can be lifted up. This is aided by the fact that the mind is capable of withdrawing. This is the real reason why yogis prescribe meditation because meditation is nothing but withdrawal of exclusive concentration of consciousness backwards. When you go sufficiently backward, you may discover behind it luminosity in which you discover a status of immobility, vastness and oneness. It exists already but we were not aware of it because of our exclusive concentration of consciousness.

From the field of avidya you enter into the field of vidya. You discover the One; you discover luminosity and immobility. You find yourself liberated from the limitations of the fluctuating movement of the mind and insistence upon errors which had created a formation of two things – desire and ego. When you insist upon something it is actually a form of desire. Secondly, since it insists upon a small formation, it takes the form of what is called ego – aham bhāvah. Thus, we are tied up to desire and ego and that small of field of exclusive concentration. When you withdraw and go into this luminosity you suddenly find that there is no desire and there is no ego formation at all. It is just abolished.