Isha Upanishad- MIRA - Verse No. 13 and 14

andham tamah praviśanti ye’sambhūtim upāste
tato bhūya iva te tamo ya u sambhūtyāṁ ratāh.− 12

Into a blind darkness they enter who follow after the Non–Birth, they as if into a greater darkness who devote themselves to the Birth alone.

anyad evāhuh sambhavād anyad āhur asambhavāt
iti śuśruma dhīrānāṁ ye nas tad vicacaksire. 13

Other, verily, it said, is that which comes by the Birth, other that which comes by the Non–Birth; this is the lore we have received from the wise who revealed That to our understanding.

sambhūtim ca vināśam ca yas tad vedobhayam saha
vināśena mrtyum tīrtvā sambhūtyāmrtaṁ aśnute. 14

He who knows That as both in one, the Birth and the dissolution of Birth, by the dissolution crosses beyond death and by the Birth enjoys Immortality.

Until the goal is reached there is a law imposed upon us that we have got to be born and we have got to die until we reach this kind of a realisation. This law is imposed on us by ourselves. But since we are now in the state of ignorance we have forgotten our contract with God and we are only in the process of birth and death. We do not see the purpose of it and the ultimate goal. Normally we are simply pursuing birth followed by death and death followed by birth. But if you want to come out of the cycle of birth and death, you can go into immobility and arrive at non–birth. That is possible but then the integral aim is not achieved. It is only when you pursue the birth–death process intelligently, you discover that integrality –– tad ejati tan naijati that which moves and does not move. Simultaneously, if you discover That then you attain to non–birth, that is to say even if you are born you are free from birth, there is no necessity for you to take birth. You may take birth for the sake of enjoyment, for the sake of uplifting others. You do not have the limitations of birth and death. This is the wisdom that is revealed in this Upanishad. This is the tangle of human life and this is the method of disentangling it.