Isha Upanishad- MIRA - Verse No. 15

This process is aided by two instruments − Agni and Surya. The next verse is the prayer to the Sun.

In verse number 15, there is a very interesting statement ––

hiranmayena pātrena satyasyāpihitaṁ mukham
tat tvaṁ pūsann apāvrnu satya–dharmāya drstaye.15

The face of Truth is covered with a brilliant golden lid; that do thou remove, O Fosterer, for the law of the Truth for sight.

Pushan is the name of the Sun. The Sun stands for the integral vision of Reality. In the Vedic and Upanishadic languages whenever the word Sun is used, it is used for the integral concentration of consciousness. It is not the physical Sun which is worshipped; it is the integral concentration of consciousness which is worshipped. So while we are in this state of ignorance, it is revealed to us that there is behind you an integral vision of light of which you are not aware because you are exclusively concentrated upon a limited field; but if you can withdraw from yourself and you can enlarge yourself by a double method. The method of avidya is enlargement; the method of vidya is withdrawal. By simultaneous withdrawal and enlargement, if you develop yourself then you will realise this integral vision.

Today this integral vision is hidden from you by the brilliant ideas of your own mind even when you rise very high in your mind. As you develop more and more you will discover that between the mind and the vision of Reality there are multiple levels of consciousness; there is integral vision of Reality, multiple concentration of consciousness, and exclusive concentration of consciousness. When you withdraw from the exclusive concentration of consciousness, and enlarge yourself, you will come across multiple concentration of consciousness, multiple levels of consciousness. These multiple levels of consciousness are much more brilliant than the mind but even these multiple levels of consciousness actually hide the face of the integral vision of Reality. Therefore, it is called golden lid hiranmayena – our mind is not so hiranmaya; is not so golden, but the intermediate levels of consciousness become more and more golden as you rise higher and higher.

For example, the thoughts of a philosopher are brighter than our thoughts. Thoughts of great scientists are much more golden than ours. As we rise higher and higher, brighter and brighter ideas begin to dawn upon us but even these ideas are not the ultimate vision of Reality. If you remain confined to them, then they serve as a cover again by which you are limited to that field only and that higher vision is hidden, as you rise higher and higher you will discover a golden lid of higher multiple levels of consciousness. Then you worship the Sun, the Supreme Reality and say, “You kindly break that golden lid”. When that is broken then the full light of integral consciousness begins to manifest and that is the goal. “The face of Truth is covered with a brilliant golden lid; that do thou remove, O Fosterer (Fosterer means the Sun, which fosters this new development), for the law of the Truth (that integral vision of Reality is the law of Truth) for sight (so that you can see it) – drstaye (you attain to the drishti). This is the prayer which is addressed to the Sun for the integral vision of Reality.