Rebirth and Other Worlds: PartII, Chapter XXII - Rebirth Track 15

The Taittriya Upanishad speaks also of our superficial being. We are normally aware of our immediate field of activity and that too only a portion of that field. But behind this surface consciousness The meaning of developed vital and developed mind is the following. All development means three things: widening, deepening, and heightening; when any capacity is widened, deepened and heightened it is called development. This is the normal definition of development. When you say you develop yourself it means whatever is your point now you deepen yourself, widen yourself, you heighten yourself. These three things together create your development.

Now vital is of desires; vital is a plane of growth, of attractions, longings, capacity to possess, capacity to influence, capacity to master, experience of conquest, capacity to enjoy. These are the vital capacities. The more you can do in these three forms, the more the vital you say, he is a more developed vital being. There are some human beings who are so developed that they have magical power. The individuals are automatically turned to him, they speak a word and it has an effect; you speak the same word and it has no effect. The reason is that this is a development, more vibrations, the energies are more concentrated. Most actors and actresses are more developed vital beings you might say, their sadhana is a development of the vital plane, vital being. They acquire, they enjoy, they possess and have great influence, they live in a world of desire, attraction, repulsion. They struggle also and there is a tremendous battle there and to survive is very difficult. There is a constant danger of disintegration. But it is there that the battle goes on. But not knowing the real meaning of integration they remain bound to that field.

If they know that there is a soul and by doing so the struggle would not be present and they would do better than what they are doing now. Because when the soul comes into the picture it facilitates all the development and it is the soul that has the real potentiality. So that is the whole field of education.

In fact if you know this, this is a secret knowledge and this is what Kathopnishad basically is about. And it is also the secret of the highest ideal even of what Sri Aurobindo spoke of the conquest of death, is actually stated here in this short exposition. This is the whole secret of our existence. And if this is known then all processes of life, all sciences of life become easy whether it is commerce, business management or education or any activity in life has its key basically in this knowledge. Whatever one is, or one wants to become if this knowledge is available then it can be made very easy. This is a fundamental knowledge and the rest is procedural knowledge because the essence is grasped everything else becomes easier.

Question: How can our vasanas be exhausted?

Answer: This is the question regarding the role of other worlds. Apart from the physical world there exist other worlds also – the world of the vital, the world of the mind, the psychic plane and other higher worlds and the interconnection between all these worlds. And the other worlds have an entry into our own being even here in the physical world. There are projections made from other planes, so that our being as we understand it now, is a complex of the physical being, the vital, mental and psychic being and there can develop also other beings.

There is the inner consciousness which is also called subliminal consciousness. Technically it means beyond the threshold. The word subliminal here does not mean sublime in the normal sublime sense. Just behind the threshold of our surface consciousness there is this inner consciousness in which a great number of activities are operating but of which our surface consciousness is not aware. It is like a child in a big home or a big family. The child is only aware of his little world of his toys and his little occupations, of his immediate needs. But that there is a large family around him and motives of the people around, the child is not aware. Nonetheless these activities do go on around him and they also affect the child’s own life. The moods of the father and mother may be determined by many things of which the child is not aware but these moods also affect the child’s life also. Similarly, our surface consciousness is like a small child in a large home. So what is going on in the subliminal consciousness, the surface consciousness is not aware of it but nonetheless the inner operations are going on and they have an effect on our surface consciousness without our knowledge. If you can become aware of our inner consciousness then we can control surface consciousness much more and we are in possession of a greater knowledge and we can foresee what is going to happen in our surface consciousness. We can shape the surface consciousness better. We can even invite the forces of the inner consciousness to outer consciousness much more powerfully, consciously, and much more openly.

Normally it is difficult for the parents to communicate to the child because the child’s consciousness is concentrated upon its little world but if the child begins to become aware of the parents, their motives and become open to their suggestions, it is easier for the parents to communicate with the children. The doors are more open and the child is looking for suggestion from parents.

Similarly, if the surface consciousness begins to be aware of the inner consciousness, it opens up its doors of communication to the inner consciousness much more consciously and that helps in the infiltration of the suggestions, powers, motives of the subliminal consciousness. The subliminal consciousness itself is a projection from the other worlds – you might compare it with a kind of capsule as it were which is behind our surface consciousness and this capsule itself is connected with a larger world. Each capsule of the inner being is connected with the larger world corresponding to itself. And the forces and beings of those worlds are trying to infiltrate to us through this capsule. If you can go into the inner consciousness, enter into that capsule and move forward, we can travel into the larger world. This is what is called occult.