Rebirth and Other Worlds - Rebirth Track 19


Let us go back to the first premise. Our first will was to agree to enter into this game by which the Divine Totality can be manifested in the embodied individual. It would therefore mean that our soul has a mission, to build the totality of divinity in an embodied individual. You may take an analogy of an architect. An architect is told you build a most complete temple on this earth, most complete temple. All the elements of divinity must be manifested in the temple. Such is the task given to the architect. If he is a good architect what will he do? He will first have to examine the right spot for the temple. The survey of the world will be his first experience. Then he will examine the various kinds of soils. Which kind of soil will stand with what kind of material? And he will have to make many experiments. This experimentation will give him experience and then he will have to do a lot of other planning. He will have to learn a lot of mathematics to draw the right arcs the right type of supports and to design newer and newer beautiful designs. So his experience will consist of basically seeing as to how the vision can be translated into the physical. What are the problems that are faced when you try to fix a vision into the reality of the matter? Now such is the case with our soul.

We first of all have created matter, then we have tried to see how matter can become so subtle gradually at the human level at least, we can become aware of ourselves. This has taken millions and millions of years of experience by which this point has been reached. And we are constantly experimenting. All our life movements are experiments. We are trying to see how this or that works, see the consequences of it and learn from it and avoid and refashion certain other things and proceed further. So actually what you call karma is nothing but our experiments.

We are putting forth energies and we are seeing what are the consequences of the putting forth of certain energies and we learn from the results, we experience them. Out of that experience we become mature as it were and gradually we begin to have mastery. That is why if you are a grown up soul, then right from childhood the soul will not take to certain experiences at all, he will eliminate. It has already experienced and it knows what is to be avoided. The child experience may not understand but the soul that has already developed and experimented in the past it does not have interest right from the beginning. It has washed away the interests as it has experimented upon it. Or as soon as he starts doing something he succeeds immediately because he has gained mastery over it. There are some children are born leaders as they have developed power from past births and they have acquired certain control, magnetism so it is that which has traveled with the soul from the past, it is a gain from the past. If you have become a good architect then in this new birth you will begin to build right from the beginning very easily. You are not an apprentice architect so you will succeed in birth much more than another who is still an apprentice and learning to be apprentices as yet.

The most important thing is how much a soul has gained in experience and by experience we mean what one has identified with. All experience is identity. You never experience unless you identify with something. When you identify yourself with a problem, grapple with it and derive the quintessence of it, in this birth I may develop thousands of relations and then ultimately may have realized that it does not amount to much. Two good and sincere friendships are better than thousands of friendships which really mean nothing. Such an experience attains to after many, many experiments. It is said of Alexander the Great that when he was about to die he realized that he said I tried to conquer the whole world but now I realize I came empty handed and I am going empty handed. It is a remarkable experience of the soul that you tried to gain in a certain sense. But really speaking what is gain. He must have evolved to a certain extent so that in another life he must have realized what real gain is. Because trying to conquer the world, we may think is the right way of gaining but is not. But ultimately at the time of death he found that it was not so and nothing was left with him. Experiences of this kind are the most important thing that you derive from karma.

The relationship between soul and karma is that of growth though karma by gaining experience through karma. The soul becomes more and more powerful by gaining experience; it knows what the real relationship between matter, life, mind and the soul is. This is a simple formula of gaining experience, when you really understand what is the right relationship between matter, life, mind and soul and what is the right relationship of all this with Atman, Purusha and Ishwara. When you gain this right knowledge that is the quintessence of experience.

The soul is experienced to the extent to which that it knows what is the right relationship of all this and beyond all this. We go through numerous experiences in the world but what really matters is this quintessence of experience. What I do in the whole day, I may do hundred activities in the whole day but ultimately what counts is what I learn from these hundred activities and what experience I gain. So even if I forget afterwards all the hundred activities I did it does not matter so long as I remember the totality of experience that I gained out of them. That is why in the mechanism of karma forgetting hundred of things, is part of the machinery.