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Rebirth and Other Worlds: PartII, Chapter XXII - Rebirth Track 12

Therefore jivatman itself does not enter into the human body and is therefore called ‘ajanma’, he in unborn. What is born is its delegate, the soul. He puts forward his Agni, a spark from itself and it is the spark which has all the potentiality of all that is in the jivatman; its specific work, the entirety of Divinity, is entirely present in the delegate, the soul. But it does not force itself and impose itself upon the various formations of body, life and mind. This you might say is the law of the game. Jivatman is in Truth Consciousness and its real station is in Para Prakriti. So if you enter into Para Prakriti you find your true self there. But even at lower planes you can experience it. When you rise above your consciousness you do experience it also. But its fullness, the Divine soul in its fullness is only on the Truth plane and Supramental. Transcendental is the Lord Himself of which jivatman is the individual centration. And there are many centrations, each distinct from the others and they are all eternal centrations. But they are not independent, not separate but distinct. Therefore, the soul does not have abhiman which the ego has got. The distinctness does not amount to separation so far as soul consciousness is concerned.

In the egoistic consciousness I am not only distinct from all the others but independent from others at least that is and that is what creates abhiman. Therefore it is called the false notion of the self because there is nothing corresponding to it. When we speak of individuality we speak of the soul individuality which is distinct from the other soul, distinctness but which is inseparable from the Divine. It is the one that is many you might say and whenever you go into the transcendental you see ekatvam pashyata sarvatra – you see oneness everywhere. And at that level you can also see that distinctness which is here which you call your distinctness and the distinctness in her I experience as my own distinctness. It is not as if someone were to have two distinctnesses because it is the Supreme Lord’s own distinctness. Supreme Lord is only one. So I have no illusion of being so distinct from the other that I am completely different from the other and completely indifferent of the other. This is the experience we are entitled to get in our Truth.

When we have in the image of Raasleela of Sri Krishna where each Gopi is distinct from the other and each Gopi is having an experience of the Supreme Lord exclusively but also she sees that the same Lord with every Gopi and even herself is only one of the distinctive manifestations and all the others are equal manifestations of the same Lord. It is this consciousness of individuality that is to be manifested while embodied. Before we got embodied at the Supreme level we already had this consciousness and it is this always present. The individuality is to be manifested while embodied. It is never abolished. Even today if you can happen to go into a state of consciousness by whatever means you will see yourself in that Raasleela as a partner of that Supreme Divine. The jivatman is ever free but in this play of the body, life and mind movement, it sends its delegate the soul, a spark because of the specific purpose, to have the same experience in the embodied form. Therefore in the embodied form it has to happen gradually. And the connecting link is the soul, the Agni, the spark. It is the Agni as it were the real individual. It has no egoistic consciousness. It has the consciousness of being distinct from the others but not that it is separate from others. It is also aware that it is constituted of Para Prakriti. It has the direct Truth consciousness. It has potentiality of the whole of the centration of the Divine. It knows its mission as to why it is here in the embodied form. But our body, life, mind and ego are not aware of the soul. The soul is aware of them. But our body, life, mind and egoistic formation are so absorbed in themselves that they have no time even to look behind. And this ego makes us believe that we are we and because of the jumping movement of egoistic consciousness all the time goes on revolving round and round like a monkey all the time, jumping about it prevents us from entering into the Truth Consciousness.

There is a screen created by virtue of this exclusive concentration of consciousness on the egoistic formation. Keeps us absorbed in our activities of body, life and mind, of our limited formations and making us believe that we are this and nothing else and it is our business to protect ourselves as against others. So it protects itself from the whole universe, protects itself against the soul which is behind it. It is a double wall it has created. We do not know the world either because ego does not open itself to the whole universe. It does not open itself to the soul consciousness which is behind. So when we, we are a swirling movement of egoistic consciousness around a formation which is constantly fluctuating believing we are independent but which we are never. It is in this falsity that we continually go on living all the time.

The soul knows and is aware of this whole business. And if it wills it can immediately invade the whole thing and break the egoism altogether. But it does not because the purpose is to create embodied condition. Because if it breaks prematurely, the embodiment might itself break, the formation itself may break and therefore it does not invade.