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Rebirth and Other Worlds - Rebirth Track 14

The real message that we get out of this whole description is that the immortality of the soul is first to be realized by body, life and mind. You do not have to make soul immortal; the soul is by its nature immortal; you only have to realize immortality. Secondly, you have to realize the immortality of the Divine consciousness of Satchitananda of which the soul is here the representative. So the awareness of Satchitananda, the awareness of the soul is the real realization of immortality which you do not have to create they are immortals. What is to be created here is the image of immortality. In this mutation of the world to create formations of body, life and mind and formation of the soul entity of the psychic being more and more individualized, more and more expressive of the Divine that is to be built here. There are two tasks. One is realization of what there is already and the second is the task of fabrication. We are first to discover the immortality of the soul, of jivatman, of Satchitananda. That is not to be fabricated as it already exists. On the other hand to shape our body, life and mind into the image of the soul so that they are also psychicised, individualized, not egoistically individualized but psychically individualized and in that process the fullest form of the psychic being itself. This is to be fabricated. And the two processes are interconnected.

The more you realize the immortality which is there already the more you are able to fabricate, immortalize the body, life and mind here and the more is the manifestation of the psychic personality. Therefore, the completion, the whole thing would be when in this very body, the same body can live on and on and on without any intervention of death that would be the ultimate victory of fabrication. So our body dies constantly, it is constantly being mutated. But what we call death one day not only the mutation takes place, our individuality itself is lost. The integration is lost. If you can maintain the same physical body, not the same physical body because the atoms are constantly changing but the same individual formation, same individuation, if you can have it all the time that will be the real victory over death. The death principle itself is removed.

When you take rebirth you carry with yourself your formations of life, body. You develop more and more, individualise yourself. Some of you exhaust, some new ones you bring. Certain things that are not developed you bring from there, from above by experiencing them and that gives a great help to your evolution here.

In fact that is the need of our sojourn in other parts. That is how when you come in a new form, you have new potentialities, new formations and even what you have developed you may not bring now but in the course of your life you can bring back supposing you have been a great queen in the past and have manifested a great power the personality remains, it is so individualized, it is not disintegrated, it does not die. In this birth you do not need it because you have to make another experience. But if at a certain time in life you need it, it can immediately come down and help you because it belongs to you in a certain sense and you have a right over it. That is how at sometimes at certain moments of our experience you find that you are quite a different personality for that moment. Suddenly you can change.

Experience is not dependent upon the body. Only physical experience requires a physical body. But there are corresponding experiences even of the physical which you can experience without the body. You can see without the eyes even now when you dream without your eyes you are seeing so many things even now; your eyes are not necessary. Your physical does not need to move about; the physical body is lying on the bed and yet you are experiencing you are flying an aeroplane; you are meeting your friends and talking to them.

The body itself is not the only instrument of experience. The soul itself is an instrument of experience, is the real vehicle of experience. The body is only one of the vehicles of concretization of certain kind of experience and in perfection even that is necessary. For mere enlargement it is not necessary. If you want to enlarge yourself you can come out of the body and enlarge yourself. It is only because embodied experiences involved in the whole game therefore we are required to get back into the body and take a new birth in the body. Otherwise experiences are possible without the physical body which we already have in our lives today when we go into dream consciousness.