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Rebirth and Other Worlds: PartII, Chapter XXII - Rebirth Track 23

At the highest level or original condition of karma is freedom in which each one is able to express according to the specificity of Divine’s Will in him or her and whatever becomes out of this movement is harmonious. So the original karma of everyone is not binding anybody. It is free. That is why Ishopnishad says na karma lipyatenare, – the karma does not bind the individual. This is the true truth of karma although we say karma bandhan but originally truly in its pure condition Karma does not bind. It is a free self expression of the Divine manifesting specifically through each individual in a harmonious manner so that the Totality is a wonderful Unity.

This is the original condition. Karma is an expression of freedom. And because of that reason when karma goes on further on and on in a long train at more and more subordinate levels even when you have moved from the original station of becoming and have moved further with the becoming more and more, karma is like an express train. And each one of us is moving on the train and each one moves on and on one becomes so much engrossed in the movement that one may forget the original story. So even if you forget the original story what remains in our hands is the movement of the train and ourselves in the train, this continues. We can think we are all of us of that kind. We have started the journey in a state of freedom and in perfect harmony with each other but after its initial train we have been moving in a train of karma and at a given time we become absorbed in karma so much that we happen to forget the original starting point. All of us have forgotten the original starting point. So we are aware only of the movement in the train now and our present condition in the train. Now in that condition you feel as if the movement is imposed on you. You cannot come out or jump out of the train. You are already in the train because that is the movement you are already engaged in. That is why we feel as if Karma binds you, you cannot come out. And we feel as if we are dragged into the movement of the train and cannot escape it. It is at this point that if we know the original story we can deal with it much more effectively.

There are three things that are happening to us at this time. One is the train in which we are already settled which is the present circumstances in which we are located is the train. And these circumstances are moving forward in which we are finding ourselves seated and incapable of throwing ourselves out of it, so that is first thing we experience the train, the circumstances in which we are located. The second is the direction of the train, the thread of that circumstance. And third is our own experience of this train and the direction of the train and this experience can be of varied kind. One experience of it would be experience of helplessness. We feel as if circumstances are so overwhelming that you cannot escape from them, the direction in which the circumstances are leading are such that they are beyond your control. You are just being pushed. In that helpless condition you go on reacting to what is happening. And every reaction you count to be your action. The second condition in which you can experience this very thing is that you may enjoy what is happening. You do not feel helpless about it but are enjoying it. Many people enjoy the circumstances they are in. Somebody suddenly becomes a prime minister and feels that something great has happened in their life and one enjoys that. One is born in a situation that is very favourable and one enjoys it.

There is another kind of experience of circumstances. Another one is one feels unhappy about it. One even feels even suffocated in the circumstances given to an individual. Another is one which one feels responsible for everything that is happening to him. These are some of the varied ways in which we react to the circumstances we are in. We are not aware of the deeper truth that basically what is happening is a result of the original Will that was put into your circumstances by you that is the Divine in you because you have forgotten. As a result of this, if you can become aware and really put a Will then you can change the whole movement. This is what is called in philosophy the relationship between Purusha and Prakriti. You are as a one that has willed is Purusha and the energy working out the Will is Prakriti. What is happening is a resultant of what is put forward. Will is the karma. So whatever is the karma it results in the consequences of what is appropriate to the karma. If you want to change the consequences then we have to go back and will differently and if you put a pressure of a new Will, it will automatically work out in due course. It may take time because the past energies are still working, your past Will is still at work but if you want to change it, you can change it but it will take some time.

The circumstance which was found to be a prison at one stage now begins to feel as if it is a self made prison not something imposed on you but something you have created around you and you can change according to your Will. In dealing with the Will therefore, you can start with any of the three ends. You can start with what is happening to you now, you can start with your circumstance as a whole or you can start with your inner Will. There are three ends which are available to us.

One is the event that is occurring now in our life whatever event is occurring now in our life that is the one end that we are entangled in. The second is the circumstance in which that event is taking place and the third is your inner Will which is involved in the circumstance and the event that is occurring. These are three ends of the whole situation. You can deal with all three at the same time or you can deal with one of them, two of them according to whatever you are capable of at the given moment.