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Rebirth and Other Worlds - Rebirth Track 25

Whenever we are living in our life, apart from the detailed things that are happening to us, a deeper thing is the experience that is happening to us. And our circumstances are actually the events which are happening to us; they are all there to contribute to our experience. Take for example a very big scientist dies today and that means that all that he had learnt, he might have read hundreds of books, he might have collected a lot of information in his brain, all that suddenly collapses. And if you believe in rebirth, he takes a new birth supposing, then all this information does not go with him, it is all lost. But what he had gained in the form of experience that remains. And even today the way in which he will react to his surroundings, even from his childhood will bear the imprint of that experience because what is important is not the information that is stored but the experience that is gained. And that is why in the law of evolution; memory of past lives is deliberately taken away, because if it goes on hanging it will be a burden for the further growth. What is retained is the experience gained and that is never taken away. You may say this is samskaras but this is more than samskaras. Samskaras are also the impressions which are created at birth and various kinds of attitudes are also samskaras. But also what is received from your past births, samskara, is a part of that experience. What is important in any given situation for an individual is the experience that he or she is gaining.

The basic experience that one has to gain in life is the interrelationship of body, life and mind. How they can be controlled, how they can be perfected, so that ultimately the Original Will can manifest without obstructions. This is the fundamental thing to be learnt. All else is only instrument of it or helpful aid towards it. One may do hundreds of things but if this does not happen then one does not really grow on the right lines. One goes on repeating on and on, one does not grow inwardly. To grow inwardly is to understand the relationship between body, life and mind and how they can be harmonized, how they can be perfected so that ultimately the Original Will can manifest without obstructions. And if you take karma, any action that you are doing with this attitude, to learn out of the karma this, not many other things which one can learn fundamentally, then in a shorter time you can attain to the goal. That again is a part of Karma Yoga.

All yoga is shortening the time. As Vivekananda said, Yoga is acceleration of experience so that what can be gained normally within hundred years can be done in six months’ time, in a shorter time. If you know the real purpose as to why what is happening to me what am I to learn from it and if you really concentrate upon it then one can grow very rapidly. It is like a gardener who understands how to allow the plants to grow, what is needed for the plants and you supply to the plants and they will grow much better.

If this is the whole play about then there are two things which have to be taken note of are the following. One is, ultimately what is to be gained is the unobstructed manifestation of the Original Will and secondly, the relationship between body, life and mind and the process of harmonizing and perfecting them. These are the two important things.

The Original Will is something that continues on and on whether we are aware of it or not, it is immortal. Unobstructed movement also means immortal movement – something that does not get obstructed, does not get cleaved, does not get clipped, undying you might say. So there is the Original Will which is immortal, and the manifestation of that Will in an undying manner is the goal to be achieved.

To realize the immortality of the Original Will and to learn how that Will can manifest immortality without any obstruction, without any death, this is all that you have to learn throughout the whole gamut of life. That is why the Vedic Rishis declared that immortality is a goal. Mrityoma Amritam Gamaya – from death lead me to immortality. We are subject to death because we do not know how to experience and what is to be experienced and as a result of experience what is to be done; the harmonization of body, life and mind, and perfection of them. This is the reason why the law of karma has so much to do with the goal of immortality.

The secret of karma is that its root is in immortality and it is growing towards making you realize immortality and to manifest immortality, that is why I had spoken of essential immortality of the Divine and Divine Will; the immortality of the soul, of the psychic being and of the triple immortality, the immortality of the body, life and mind. The emphasis is on karma, the emphasis on experience, emphasis on the growth and attainment of immortality and the role that karma plays in this entire gamut of experience.

The Life Divine – Book I – Chapter XXII