A National Agenda for Education

Higher Education:

Vision, Objectives, Problems and



There is no doubt that our entire orientation has to be focussed on the future. We should expect major developments in research, and while emphasis on physical sciences will continue, a pronounced emphasis will come to be laid on biological and psychological sciences. Critical knowledge will also receive unprecedented emphasis. Technologies will invent new techniques, new devices, new gadgets; information technology will not only accelerate the process of diffusion of knowledge but also aid in promoting discovery of new knowledge. Interdisciplinary studies will become more and more important, even though specializations will not abate. This will imply development of a new kind of combination of specialisation and holistic vision.

The role of education as a liberating force will come to be emphasised as never before, and the meaning of liberation will come to include not only freedom from bondage, ignorance and backwardness but also freedom from gravitational pulls of the lower human nature. The role of education as an aid to the evolution of Nature, will also come to be acknowledged more and more widely. It will be realised that education should aim at evolving faculties and integrating them by the superior intellectual, ethical, aesthetic, and spiritual powers.

We speak today of the need to harmonise the individual, environment and cosmos. But as we proceed further, it is likely to be clear that this harmony cannot come about without inner purification and without developing inner space. We speak today of learning to be, learning to do, learning to become, and as we

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