Child Teacher and Teacher Education

A Programme of Studies Related to
India and Indian values

The chronology of events of Indian history is very complex, and our history books often present this chronology in such a way as to render a synoptic view of Indian history extremely difficult. In any case, our textbooks fail to present to our students a connected story of the development of essential ideas and movements which are directly related to the values which need to be underlined.

A study of Indian history should be encouraged among all teacher-trainees, as one of the central aims of education is to provide to every student irrespective of whether he wants to be a doctor or an engineer, an artist or a scientist, a writer or an artisan, should become a true Indian and should receive from his teacher, whatever his speciality, that great heritage of Indian culture to which he is a natural heir. This would mean that all teachers, whether their specialisation is in the field of mathematics or language, in science or literature, in home- science or physical culture, should have the necessary equipment which would enable them to transmit Indianness to the children and students who would be placed under their care. This does not mean that every teacher should be a specialist in Indian history but he should have at least a sound and authentic idea of Indian culture and of those achievements which fill us with pride in our heritage.

Therefore, the aim should be to provide to teacher-trainees a bird’s eye view of Indian history and some

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