Child Teacher and Teacher Education

New Roles For The Teacher and Relevant Methods
Relevant to Teacher Education

It is noteworthy that the role of the teacher is sought to be determined during the recent decades not only in the context of providing the dimension of values in our system of education but also in the context of providing more effective methods of education. These two contexts are not mutually exclusive, and they tend to lead to conclusions that converge upon the important point, namely, that the role of the teacher is not merely that of a lecturer.

According to one extreme view, the method of lecturing should be eliminated altogether from our educational system. It has been suggested that teaching should be done through teaching machines or through such devices which involve methods of self-learning.

Against this extreme view, it has been argued that the method of lecturing is indispensable, not as an exclusive method, but as an integral part of the totality of various methods. It has been argued, for instance, that lecturing is a practical demonstration to the students of how a complex and rich mind operates while dealing with a subject in question. It has also been held that lectures are or can be useful under at least five circumstances, namely, (a) when a new subject is to be introduced; (b) when a panoramic view of a given topic or subject is to be presented; (c) when collective awareness regarding a subject matter needs

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