Education at Crossroads

Lifelong Learning Project

The aim would be to make available appropriate opportunities for lifelong learning to increasing number of people without regard to restrictions of previous 'education or training, sex, age, handicapped condition, social or ethnic background, or economic circumstance.

Lifelong learning is the process by which individuals continue to develop their knowledge, skills, interests and cultural attainments throughout their life times.

Lifelong learning is a "motherhood" issue, and it overarches all aspects and all levels of learning, formal, non-formal and informal.

Justification of lifelong learning project is to be viewed in the context of the impact it has on developing the human potential and quality of life.

Lifelong learning project will have a special role in promoting work place skills and in stimulating participation by increasing number of people in the civic, cultural and collective life of the country. Lifelong learning includes continuing education, adult education, independent study, open system education, agricultural education, business education, labour education, occupational education, job training programme, parent education, pre-retirement and post-retirement education, remedial education, special education programmes for groups or for individuals with special needs, education for cultural development and excellence, and educational activities designed to upgrade occupational and professional skills to assist business, public agencies, and other organisations in the use of invocation and research results, and to serve family needs and personal development.

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