Education for Tomorrow


Integral Education as Life-long Education

Integral education is life-long education, and it begins even before the birth of body and continues throughout the life. And while in the beginning, a great stress falls on the development of the body, life and mind, much can be done both by parents and teachers to commence psychic education at the early stages of development. In fact, the psychic being is very responsive in childhood, and if the right atmosphere is provided to it, and if at the later stages, great care is taken to provide physical, vital and mental education on proper lines, psychic being can be helped to come more and more to the forefront, and discovery of the psychic being can be greatly facilitated. This discovery is considered in integral education as of supreme importance, because through it one becomes conscious of one's destiny and master of one's life.

Psychic Education

In her small but great book on Education, The Mother has stated the' following:

"The psychic being is a great discovery which requires at least as much fortitude and endurance as the discovery of new continents. A few

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