Innovations in Education

Educational Innovations
(A theme that demands central attention)

We may recall that the great struggle for freedom had, in its early moments of resurgence, placed national education as an essential aspect of its core Programme for achieving India's independence. Under the inspiring leadership of the greatest educationists, radical experiments were carried out. National education was visualized in its widest implications so as to foster both nationalism and internationalism, and the lessons learnt from the great systems of education that had developed in India since its ancient period as also from progressive experiments which have been carried out in modern times in different parts of the world were also sought to be incorporated. Results of all these experiments need to be pooled together so that a new Programme of educational innovation can be initiated and developed. There is an urgent need to eliminate from the present system which, since the establishment of Macaulayan system in our country, has proved to be injurious to the growth of the spirit of India and the spirit of universality and universal fraternity.

Today, several innovations are being advocated, particularly with regard to child-centered education, value-oriented education, vocational education, and various aspects of curriculum and examination system. Care and education of the girl-child has rightly come to be emphasized; there is much talk of need of reduction of load of books; the integral development of personality has also come to stressed; study

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