Innovations in Education


The proposed innovations will be related chiefly to the quality of education. It has been increasingly acknowledged that our education system is deficient in many ways, but the deficiency in respect to quality is perhaps most deplorable and in need of urgent but careful repair. If we examine innovations which are being advocated in regard to the quality of education, they can be grouped in three categories:

1. Those related to aims of education;

2. Those related to contents of education;

3. Those related to pedagogy and methodology of education.

We may formulate a list of these innovations and make relevant remarks.

1. Innovations related to aims of education

What should be the aim of education has been a perennial theme of debate in the field of philosophy of education. In the prevalent climate, liberal education has come to be largely accepted, and, accordingly, promotion of scientific knowledge, scientific epistemology and rationality is being advocated; promotion of freedom of each individual is also regarded as an indispensable element of liberal education; finally, liberal education aims at the promotion of the study of man and his harmonious relationship with the society and the universe at large.

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