Innovations in Education

Schedule II
Innovations related to Contents of Education

Contents of education need to be innovated, keeping in view that there is a great need to develop profounder pedagogy in learning various subjects of study.


A great emphasis needs to be laid on learning languages. The following innovative ideas regarding learning of languages may be recommended:

The mind should be accustomed first to notice the word thoroughly, its form, sound and sense; then to compare the form with other similar forms in the point of similarity and difference, thus forming the foundations of the grammatical sense; then to distinguish between the fine shades of sense of similar words and the formation and rhythm of different sentences, thus forming the formation of the literary and the syntactical faculties. All this should be done informally, drawing on the curiosity and interest, avoiding set teaching and memorizing of rules. The true knowledge takes its base on things, arthas, and only when this is mastered, knowledge proceeds to formalize its information.

There has been a great deal of discussion on the learning of mother tongue and several other languages. Innovative ideas are recommended for experimentation:

(i) Programme for preparing a good base in regard to the mother-tongue; and after the first five years, introduction of other languages; or

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