Glimpses of Vedic Literature

Upanishads (contd)

ANOTHER interesting story of the Chhandogya Upanishad tells us of the dialogue between Svetaketu and his father Arum. According to this story. Arum had sent his son Svetaketu to a teacher where he studied from his twelfth year to the twenty-fourth a number of books of knowledge. When he came back home, he had grown haughty in mind, and conceited and thought of himself to be very wise. His father understood his son's state of mind. So he said to him:

"0 dear one, have you inquired into that instruction where by what is even unheard of, becomes heard, what is not comprehended becomes comprehended and what is not known becomes known?"

Svetaketu was stunned by this question; he did not know the answer. So he asked his father:

"Venerable Sir, how is that instruction?"

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