Glimpses of Vedic Literature

Vedic world-Knowledge

THE Supreme Reality is, according to the Veda, "That One" spoken of variously by the wise. This Reality came to be described in the Upanishads as Sat-Chit-Ananda (Sachchidananda), the pure conscious and blissful Existent. In the Veda we find that it is described often as Sat. It is also described as blissful. It is again described as conscious, and as Force of concentrated consciousness, Tapas. The Veda also speaks of It as tridhatu, the threefold Substance.

In an intriguing description of the totality of Reality and its manifestation,the Veda speaks of it as one having four horns and three feet (catvari sringa trayo asya padah). Evidently, the four horns symbolise the upper domain of Reality; and three feet symbolise the lower domain of Reality. It is also clear that the three feet would mean the three lower principles of manifestation with which we, living in the lower world, are quite familiar, namely. Matter, Life and Mind. We can also see that of the four horns, three

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