Glimpses of Vedic Literature

Yajurveda (contd)

WE shall now refer to a few verses of the Yajurveda. These verses are devoted to the fostering of Good Will in our consciousness. These are six verses, which all end with the phrase: "tanme manah shiva samkalpamastu" (may that mind of mine be filled with Good Will). These verses are as follows:

यज्जाग्रतो दूरमुदैति दैवं।
तदु सुप्तस्य तथैवैति ।
दूरंगमं ज्योतिषां ज्योतिरेकं
तन्मे मनः शिवसंकल्पमस्तु ॥

"The mind, irrespective of whether one is awake or asleep, travels to far distant corners; this far distant-moving mind is the light of lights. May that mind of mine be filled with Good Will."

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