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Yogic experience is often prepared by means of three processes: pursuit of religious practices, pursuit of ethical experience; pursuit of aesthetic experience; pursuit of philosophical contemplation; and pursuit of free inquiry. Yogic experience is centred on the search and of contact with the reality or realities beyond the body, life and mind; aspiration for that experience and decisive resolution to pursue persistently and constantly that experience in its multifarious stages and forms and arrival at stabilisation of yogic states of consciousness that are marked by increasing status of equality (samattavam) and development of faculties of intuition, of revelation, inspiration and spontaneous discrimination between reality and appearances. Definition and description of yogic experiences and definition and description of states of realisation will also be considered.

The concept of second birth in yogic experience will also be described.

Statement of varieties of yogic experience, not only at different stages of yogic practice but also at higher summits of yogic realisation. As a result, there is the question of distinguishing between penultimate realisations and ultimate realisations. There is also the question of integral realisation.

This will be followed by a brief historical survey in which emphasis will be laid on yogic experiences which have led to the development of specialised systems of yoga, various religious cults, and practices. Decisive yogic experiences of the founders of religion and yogic systems will be described.

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