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Concept of an Adarśa Veda Vidyalaya

It is a matter of historical fact that education in India started with study of the Veda and continued to flourish for aeons and produced geniuses of such a high quality and in such a large number as has scarcely been done elsewhere in the world even until now. Upanisadic sages like Yajñavalkya, Uddalaka Aruni, Satyakama Jabala, Aśvapati Kaikeya, linguists like Audumbarayana and Yāska, grammarians like Panini, Katyayayana and Patañjali, philosophers like Gautama, Kapila, Kanāda, Patañjali, Jaimini and Badarayana, statesmen like Kautilya, astronomers like Brahmagupta, Varahamihira, etc., etc. are obviously products of educational institutions imparting primarily instruction in the Vedas. The most eminent position the famous Gayatri mantra has been accorded in the midst of legions of them is indicator of the fact how much concerned the Vedic teacher has been about the stimulation of the hidden core of the intellect of the student so as to bring it to the fore and develop it to the highest possible extent. The thrust of that educational system is very well borne out by the famous Upanisadic prayer: Lead me from untruth to truth; lead me from darkness to light; and lead me from death to immortality. What a wonderful system, and how wonderful the objective the system set before it to achieve! How radically different it is from the system of education in operation today having little to offer to the development of the genius and his real humanity!

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