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Two reports of UNESCO, ‘Learning to be’ and ‘Learning: Treasure Within’, have underlined the importance of complete education for the complete person. And yet, there is a debate as to whether education should not be limited to some narrower goals, considering that ours is the age of increasing super-specialization and also because education is pursued with the aim of securing jobs in the market. Job-oriented education is being often demanded and we need to confront this demand, both philosophically and practically.

Education is a sub-sector of the social framework in which the greater aims of civilization are nourished and promoted. In this context, we cannot ignore the fact that today the entire world is moving towards a global civilization, the fundamental need of which is global peace and a global order that would fulfill the highest aims of liberty, equality and fraternity. It is these higher aims that necessitate education for the complete person, for incomplete individuals are at war with themselves and they can never become the bridges of peace and advocates of freedom that aims at harmony. The aims of specialized education and job-oriented education have, therefore, to be fulfilled within the larger framework that is concerned with the highest needs of human civilization.

The key idea that would answer the question regarding ‘what we should aim in education’ is that of relationship between personality and profession or job that each individual is required to perform. The essential point is that the secret of profession lies in personality and that if education aims at shaping personality in right terms, it will necessarily involve preparing the personality for the profession which is to be a flower of the individual’s being and abilities.

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