Vedic Ideals of Education

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“May the Brahmacharins come unto me.
From here and there may the Brahmacharins come unto me.
May the Brahmacharins set forth unto me.
May the Brahmacharins have control over themselves.
May the Brahmacharins attain to peace of soul.”

Along with the importance of the pupil was also the importance of the teacher. The teacher represented not only mature worldly and scholarly wisdom but also a high realisation. The teacher was the Rishi, who had seen the Reality. His task was to uplift the aspiration and knowledge latent in the pupil. The teacher furnished to the pupil the external word or shruti that is needed in the beginning and for a long time on the way. But it was recognised that the real teacher is the Supreme Brahman seated in the heart of the pupil, and sooner rather than later, the pupil must discover the inner teacher and inner guide.

The Vedic system of education worked on sound psychological principles and methods of education relevant to the teaching-learning processes. The most important idea was to aim at an all-round perfection. There was a concept of shreshtha, the best, or excellent.

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