Philosophy of Indian Pedagogy


Brahmacharins in Search of Knowledge
(A few selections from the Upanishads)



"Satyakama Jabālā said to his Mother Jabālā: 'Venerable mother: I wish to join school as a brahmacharin (pupil wishing to learn the true knowledge). Please tell me from what family I hail."
She said to him: "My child, I don't know from what family you are. In my youth, I went about in many places as a maid-servant; during that period I begot you; I myself do not know from what family you hail; I am called Jabālā and you are called Satyakama; so call yourself then Satyakama, the son of Jabālā."

Then he went to Haridrumata Gautama and said:
"I wish to join your school, venerable Sir, as a Brahmacharin, if you, venerable Sir, would desire to accept me."

 He said to him;"My dear child, from what family do you hail?" He replied: "Venerable Sir, I do not know from what family I hail; I have asked my mother

2. This passage is taken from the translation by V.M. Bedekar and G.B. Palsule.


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