Philosophy of Value-Oriented Education -Theory and Practice

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17.Should a writer be socially, morally, ethically committed for promoting highest aspiration and fostering the growth of values?

18.Creative process can only grow in freedom. The two terms for writer Manishi and Brahman. In Indian context any intellectual activity is an activity which gives you freedom but at the same time which

makes one responsible to the society. Freedom cannot he unrestricted freedom. But a writer does everything implicidy.

19.Literary examples should be explained in a symbolic way with a particular strategy to enable critical examination of these literary references from the point of view of developing values.

20.Literature helps in realizing:

(i)Self is one of pure potentiality

(ii)Intension and desire are to be regulated with a sense of detachment

(III) Values like truth, righteous conduct, peace, love, non-violence, freedom and scientific temper may lead the student to realize the deeper self.

(iv) The value of serving and the law of giving.

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