A Pilgrims Quest for the Highest and the Best


Criteria of Ethical Perfection and Integration
of Total Being: An Exploration

Human nature is complex and it is at once egoistic, collectivistic, moralistic and idealistic. In its pursuits of idealism, it is not limited merely to ethical idealism; it conceives and pursues rationalistic idealism or aesthetic idealism; it also conceives and pursues idealism that religion prescribes; it conceives and pursues spiritual idealism and even spiritual perfection. The road is long; the labour involved in arriving at reconciliation of conflicting elements of human nature is arduous. On this long and arduous road of human nature, everyone finds enough room for debate in favour of one solution or the other. These debates, when examined, leave us in some kind of inconclusiveness. It is easy to surmount inconclusiveness by taking recourse to dogmatism or to the certainty that some spiritual experiences provide or seem to provide; or even in the field of spiritual enlightenment, there are claims and counter-claims, which require to be reconciled in some synthesis, if that is possible.

At lower levels of existence Nature has provided some kind of disorderly order; and instincts of self-preservation, on the one hand, and herd-instincts, on the other, are found to be so balanced that the individual and the collectivity sub-serve

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