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Systems of Yoga, Methods of Yoga and
Verifiability of Yogic Knowledge

A study of different systems of yoga such as Raja yoga, Hatha yoga, Bhakti yoga, Jnana yoga and Karma yoga, will reveal to us the effectivity of yogic methods, and the results obtained by the pursuit of these methods can be compared with each other, contrasted in regard to their differences and can be verified, repeated and utilized, not only in their psych- ological or subjective aspects, but even in terms of physical aspects, if that is so willed and if the pursuit is carried out to a certain extreme or expanding limit.

Raja Yoga

Raja yoga,26 for instance, depends on the perception and experience that, after sufficient mastery over the bodily posture that can bring about ease and comfort in the stability of the bodily condition (āsana), and after adequate mastery of the movements of breathing, (prānāydm), one can realize the relationship between movements of life-breath and movements of sensations, impulses, emotions and thoughts. Raja Yoga moves forward and utilizes this knowledge in arriving at great control and mastery of one's thought- movements, and one can arrive even at a total cessation of all the movements of the stuff of consciousness (chitta-vritti).

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