Integral Yoga - An Outline of Major Aims Processes, Methods and Results


Ascent to the Supermind, Descent of the Supermind and Supramental Transformation

The process of ascent to the supermind from the mind and the descent of the supermind, which would transform successively the Overmind, Intuitive mind, Illumined mind, Higher mind, mind and the rest cannot be a logical series of separate segments. Sri Aurobindo has stated that while a sufficient integration of one status has to be complete before an ascent to the next higher station will be entirely secure, it is a totality of ascending powers of being which interpenetrate and dovetail and exercise in their action on each other a power of mutual modification. As a result, when the higher descends into the lower consciousness, it alters the lower but is also modified and diminished by it; similarly, when the lower ascends, it is sublimated but at the same time qualifies the sublimating substance and power. Sri Aurobindo compares the evolution of the whole consciousness with the movement of an ascending ocean of Nature; the movement of a tide or a mounting flux, a leading fringe touches the higher degrees of a cliff or hill, but the rest is still below. At each stage the higher parts of the nature may be provisionally but incompletely organized in the new consciousness; but lower are in a state of flux or formation, partly moving in the old way though influenced and beginning to change, partly belonging to the new kind but still imperfectly achieved and not yet firm in the change. Sri Aurobindo also compares this movement with that of an

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