Integral Yoga and Evolutionary Mutation - Its Aid to Humanity and Human Species


Human History and the Problems of the Harmony

between the Individual and the Collectivity

The spiritual consciousness is spontaneously universal, and spirituality, in its embrace of universality, is drawn to work for humanity, to uplift humanity and to establish in humanity the operation of an instrument greater than the instrument of the mind, to develop supramentality by which a new world order can be securely established, - a new world order which has come to be glimpsed from time to time, such as that of the kingdom of heaven on the earth. That new world order has still to be worked out and realized, not merely for the fulfillment of a few individuals but for all, increasingly and progressively.

If we make a serious study of history, as Sri Aurobindo has done in his two major works, "The Ideal of Human Unity"
and "The Human Cycle", we shall find that humanity has reached at the present juncture of its development at a point where the search for the ideal law of social development has become inevitable. According to Sri Aurobindo, if that search and its results cannot be implemented, there is bound to be the development of a situation as the one that obtains today. Sri Aurobindo calls that situation as that of evolutionary crisis.

Sri Aurobindo points out that human history may be considered as a long story of the sway of the developing consciousness between three pre-occupations of human

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