Integral Yoga and Evolutionary Mutation - Its Aid to Humanity and Human Species


The Problem of Death and Physical Immortality

In the beginning of 1970, the Mother spoke of the replacement of knowledge-processes in her body by a new perception which was total, something that comprehended at the same time hearing, vision and knowledge. There was, she said, no differentiation among her organs. She pointed out that the new consciousness insisted on surpassing all divisions and all exclusiveness, including the great division of life and death. The Mother discovered 'over-life', which is at once life and death or which is rather something that cannot be described either as life or as death, but some other third state in which the contradiction of life and death is overcome. The question of death had begun to receive the Mother's attention more and more pointedly during the last several years. In fact, as the Mother had said, the problem of death was the problem that was given to her to solve.

The question of death and immortality has been explored right from the Vedic times, and the aim of the attainment of immortality has been envisaged right from the Vedic times. According to one view, the human body is by its very nature mortal, and it is destined to get dissolved sooner or later, even though there are a number of examples where individuals have been able to prolong their lives beyond hundred years. According to another view, while death is inevitable, the timing of death could be controlled. According to still another view, the mortality of the body does not affect the immortality

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