Integral Yoga of Transformation - Psychic, Spiritual and Supramental


Process of Spiritual Transformation: Role of the superconscient Levels of Mind

But even then there are still limitations of an inferior instrumentation; as a result, the highest spiritual transformation must intervene on the psychic or psycho-spiritual change. There is thus the necessity of an upward journey above our mind and an ascent of consciousness not only into the higher ranges of the superconscient Higher Mind, Illumined Mind and Intuitive Mind but also of Overmind and spiritual nature in which the sense of Self and Spirit is ever unveiled and permanent and in which the self-luminous instrumentation of the Self and Spirit is not restricted or divided as in our mind-nature, life-nature, body-nature. The psychic change makes this ascent not only possible but even safe; psychic consciousness opens us to the cosmic consciousness by breaking many walls of limiting individuality; but it also opens us to what is now superconscient to our normality. If there is an awakening to the existence of the higher supernormal levels, then an aspiration towards them may break the lid or operate a rift in it. As Sri Aurobindo points out:

"If the rift in the lid of mind is made, what happens is an opening of vision to something above us or a rising up towards it or a descent of its powers into our being. What we see by the opening of vision is an Infinity above us, an eternal Presence or an infinite Existence, an infinity of consciousness, an

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