Integral Yoga of Transformation - Psychic, Spiritual and Supramental


How the Psychic Consciousness Develops

There are two domains of consciousness, psychic and superconscient, where we need to look for, if we are in search of true knowledge and integral knowledge. Psychic consciousness is, as we have noted earlier, the inmost consciousness in the individual, and we find that the psychic entity and, its representative, soul personality, which are in profounder depths than the subliminal consciousness, are other than our body, life and mind, and it is they that support our individual life , mind and body. The psychic entity is the deputy of the individual self, jivatman, and it is a spark of the divine fire and divine love which are operations of the principle of Ananda, which is itself the union of Sat and Chit, the two other elements of Sachchidananda. It is the psychic entity which is missioned to work in the inconscience, to develop individual body, life and mind and to turn them to the Divine from which it has itself descended into the inconscience. At the human level of evolution, this psychic entity is found to have succeeded in developing, out of its potentialities, a growing psychic personality or soul-personality or psychic being. While explaining the relation between the psychic entity, psychic being or soul personality and other parts of our developing individuality, Sri Aurobindo states as follows:

There is indeed a soul-personality, representative of this entity, already built up within us, which puts forward a fine psychic element in our natural being: but this finer factor in

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