The Gita and its Synthesis of Yoga

Part Two

1. Four Major Experiences and Realisations of the Gita's Yoga

The Gita expounds the working of the synthetic method of its yoga and provides us authentic descriptions of the relevant experiences and realizations in great detail. The peaks of these experiences include: (i) the knowledge of divine birth, (divyam janma) and divine work, (divyam karma);69 (ii) the attainment of Brahma-nirvana,70 the total nirvana in the state of immobile Brahman in the freedom of which divine work can take place; (iii) the great perception of the birth and development of divine qualities in the cosmic movement and, the vision of the vibhutis in the cosmos;71 and (iv) the great vision of Sri Krishna in action,72 the great time-vision, specially granted to Arjuna by Sri Krishna.

Divine Birth and Divine Work (Divyam Janma, Divyam Karma)

Divyam janma, divine birth, can be regarded as the crucial means of Karma Yoga, and divyam karma, divine work, may be regarded, as the culmination of Karma Yoga. These two constitute the centrality of the answer that Sri Krishna gives to the bewildering questions which arose from the unbearable intensity of the crisis which was not prepared to accept any compromising acquiescence. These, divine birth and divine work arise, according to the yoga that Sri Krishna expounds, from the operation of the law of sacrifice,

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