The New Synthesis of Yoga - An Introduction

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Ramakrishna was a master-soul, whose object was to exemplify in the great and decisive experience the demonstration that all sects are forms and segments of a single integral truth and all disciplines labour in their different ways towards one supreme experience. That object is imperatively necessary at the present juncture of development of humanity, since there is today a crisis of world civilisation where the problem of the conflict of jarring sects and schools has assumed critical proportions. What a master-soul could achieve with incredible rapidity can not be represented as something generally realisable.

There have been several other examples of the synthesis of yoga. There was, for example, the Vedic synthesis of yoga. In this synthesis, the psychological powers of the intellect, will, and feeling were sought to be raised up to their highest flights and widest rangings of divine knowledge, power, joy, love and glory. This process was sought to be accomplished by synthesising the individual with the cosmic powers and beings in their operations in those higher planes which are hidden from the physical senses and the material mentality. This synthesis was crowned by the experience of the transcendental and blissful divine reality and its unity with the increasing soul of the individual and the eternal divine fullness of the cosmic powers; the highest point of realisation was the manifestation of the supramental truth-consciousness in the physical consciousness up to a point where the body consciousness of the individual could become universalised This synthesis of yoga was later on broken into specialised processes of Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Yoga and several other specialised processes. During the immediately succeeding period of Brahmanas, the great synthesis of the Vedic yoga came to be reduced to ritualistic

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