Nala and Damayanti - Selected episodes from Raghuvamsam

Selected episodes from Raghuvamsam

she said in the next moment:     

      Or rather it was no willing act of thine, towards me, since thou art so benevolent in thy disposition...

     — Canto XIV. 62

      This speaks of her illumined mind in the face of adversity. And then —

      I would have no longer borne this accursed life, all profitless to me through endless separation from thee, had not thy seed, that I bear in my womb, and that must be preserved, proved an obstacle.

      - Canto XIV. 65

      She decides then and there to take recourse to penance (tapas) after giving birth to the progeny of Rāma, so that in the next life, she may have Rāma again for her husband but will never be separated from him. What depth of love indeed!

      Now let us see what Sage Vālmīki has to say about Sītā's banishment by Rāma in Raghuvamśam, after his meeting with Sita near his hermitage. Kālidāsa as a matter of fact displays his own deep feelings in this regard, it seems, through Vālmīki who is made to express the following:


      By holy intuition I know that thou art abandoned by thy husband who was agitated by a false scandal: grieve not then, 0 Princess of Videha; thou hast come to thy father's

Selected episodes from Raghuvamsam

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