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Bhagavagd Gita - Session 34- Track 3406

rudrādityā vasavo ye ca sādhyā viśve ’śvinau marutaś coṣmapāś ca |
gandharvayakṣāsuradiddhasaṅghā vīkṣante tvāṁ vismitāś caiva sarve ||22|| (XI)

“Rudras are there; Adityas are there; Vasus are there; in this vast world, Ashwins, Maruts, coṣmapāś, Gandharvas, Yakshas, Asuras, Siddhas, all of them are to be seen, all of them are wonderstruck.”

rūpaṁ mahat te bahuvaktra netraṁ mahābāho bahubāhūrupādam |

“Your great vision, Your great form which is filled with numerous faces and numerous eyes; bahubāhū, it has innumerable hands; ūrupādam, so many thighs and pādam, and feet; bahūdaraṁ, so many bellies; bahu daṁṣṭrākarālaṁ, (now comes the fiercest vision), your jaws, fierce jaws which are as it were, pounding upon the creatures, eating them away, pondering them, and throwing them out,

bahūdaraṁ bahu daṁṣṭrākarālaṁ dṛṣṭvā lokāḥ pravyathitās tathāham ||

“All these people are terrified to see You which Thy jaws which are piercing the bodies of people, I too, aham api pravyathita, I am also terrified.” (XI, 23)

nabhaḥspṛśaṁ dīptam anekavarṇaṁ vyāttānanaṁ dīptaviśālanetram |
dṛṣṭvā hi tvāṁ pravyathitāntarātmā dhṛtiṁ na vindāmi śamaṁ ca viṣṇo ||24||(XI)

nabhaḥ–spṛśaṁ, that which is the sky; dīptam aneka–varṇaṁ, Your so many colours all blazing with light; vyāttānanaṁ, Your face which is so much wide spread, which is dīpta, which is luminous; viśāla, which has got very wide, netram, wide eyes; dṛṣṭvā hi tvāṁ, having seeing You; pravyathitāntarātmā, the inner soul is, as it were, greatly troubled; dhṛtiṁ na vindāmi, I have no courage; na śamaṁ ca, I do not get any tranquillity, Ô Lord.”

It is, as it were, you are seeing the wide vision; first so many things are seen and now the terrible face of the Divine is manifested. It is this terrible face which had to be shown particularly because the field in which this is being revealed is the field of battle. And what is to be seen is that this field of battle is the Divine Himself. It is the Divine Himself who has got all this terrible faces. He Himself is eating away as it were all the people who are there.

daṁṣṭrākarālāni ca ter mukhāni dṛṣṭvaiva kālānalasannibhāni |
diśo na jāne na labhe ca śarma prasīda deveśa jagannivāsa ||25||(XI)

“All Your mouths are daṁṣṭrākarālāni, the fierce jaws of all Your faces, having seen them, kālānalasannibhāni, I see the time itself as a fire, the time is that in which everything is thrown and everything is burnt; diśo na jāne, I don’t know the directions, na labhe ca śarma, I have no peace, prasīda deveśa, Ô Lord be pleased, jagannivāsa, You are the abode of the whole world.”

Now, a most important statement is made:

amī ca tvāṁ dhṛtarāṣṭrasya putrāḥ sarve sahaivāvanipālasaṅghaiḥ |
bhīṣmo droṇaḥ sūtaputras tathāsau sahāsmadīyair api yodhamukhyaiḥ ||26||

“Here I see, amī ca tvāṁ dhṛtarāṣṭrasya putrāḥ, Dhritarashtra’s sons, Duryodhana and others, all of them along with all the other kings who have come together, I see Bhishma, I see Drona, I see sūtaputra, Karna, all of them along with my own warriors, not only their warriors, my own warriors who are yodhamukhyaiḥ, who are principal fighters on my side…”

vaktrāṇi te tvaramāṇā viśanti, I see all of them speeding fast into Your mouth; vaktrāṇi te tvaramāṇā viśanti, I see them rushing as it were, daṁṣṭrākarālāni bhayānakāni, in Your jaws which are so fierce, they are all entering into Your mouth, kecid vilagnā daśanāntareṣu, some of them are broken by the very way of coming to You; sandṛśyante cūrṇitair uttamāṅgaiḥ, some of them are completely powdered as they enter into You.” (XI, 27)