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Isha Upanishad- MIRA - Answer of the Vedas, Upanishads and the Gita

All these answers are given to save God by saying that He could not be the author of all this trouble and is not responsible for all that is happening in the world. In one theory we find that God is not responsible because He is after all good and is fighting with evil. In the second theory, we find that God does not exist at all, so God cannot be blamed. In the third answer we find that when we realise God, we realise that we were never in any trouble at all. But all the three answers seem to be unsatisfactory.

The Vedic and Upanishadic thought is quite different from all these answers. It says that God is responsible for everything that is happening in the world. That is why the Vedic teaching is very intricate and complex. For example, in the eleventh chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, the entire scene of Vishwarupa darshana is presented to Arjuna, where the whole world is seen to be a manifestation of God. In one of the aspects of this Vishwarupa darshana, the Divine is seen to be dreadful. He is Rudra, Arjuna sees that this whole battle is being fought by God Himself. The Gita says very boldly that it is not as if God is fighting a battle of evil outside Himself; the battle is being fought in God Himself. All is God and there is nothing but God. Kālo’asmi – I am time, says Sri Krishna. The entire time movement is God. Not only that, but I have already killed the Dhritarashtrians. So He is the destroyer also. It is on the basis of this vast vision that Arjuna is convinced that he should also fight in the battle, which, at first sight, he thought was evil. He said, this battle is a terrible and sinful action in which you are throwing me – ghoram karma. But as a result of this vast vision, Arjuna was ultimately convinced that he had to be a participant in this very action.

This question that has been raised is so important and intricate that it requires a full development of all ideas involved so that step by step we can trace out the whole thing. Then we can really disentangle the problem.

In the history of Indian thought, the wisdom of the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Gita was gradually lost and that is why in the intermediate period of thought, various kinds of ideas have been developed which are ruling us even now. There is a wrong view of God, creation, man, Law of Karma, bondage and liberation. Because of all these wrong views put together, we find that we are not able to resolve the problem. So we have to focus, on the whole thing in such a way that the right view of God, creation, man, bondage and liberation – all are brought out very clearly.