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Isha Upanishad- MIRA - Tamas’, ‘Retas’, ‘Manas’ and ‘Kama’

Having produced this inconscient, to fulfil the purpose the Divine has in view, He has imposed a law on this inconscient that it will not impose light on the inconscient unless the inconscient develops and demands light. The Divine wants to manifest the light because that was the specific purpose He had in view.

To fulfil this particular purpose first of all, He sent the power of Agni to awaken this inconscient and Agni began to burn. It is a very curious kind of a game called baking the inconscient. It was possible to awaken all inconscient in one stroke by sending the sun on it directly, because sunlight is a light in which all darkness is destroyed; but then the purpose of embodiment would not be fulfilled. Therefore, Agni was sent because Agni is a power which can coexist with night. If you put Agni in the night then the darkness is not completely eliminated, only a little light is there and yet it can coexist with the darkness around. It is a very special kind of power of Agni. The purpose was to develop gradually for the embodiment to be possible and matter to come out. Matter can come out only by a process of baking under the heat of Agni. Inconscient is a complete darkness in which even a form of this kind is not possible. This formation is because of the power of Agni. We now know in modern physics, by breaking molecules there is a nucleus, protons and electrons, and they are constantly in motion; but because of exclusive concentration of consciousness, there is only a play but there is absence of consciousness. The atomic structure behaves perfectly according to a law; there is no deviation from it. It is very precise action in matter but matter is not aware of itself. It works out a precise movement of law without itself becoming aware that it is an atom and that it is moving and circulating around the nucleus.

The Veda says when tamas was covered with darkness there breathed only the Supreme and then there was kama, which was the origin of the mind. Retas is the seed; retas of the manah is kama i.e. life force. Out of matter the second thing that emerged was life force in vegetation. Out of this vegetation came the mind. Till that point error, falsehood or evil did not exist at all, either in matter, life or even in the rudimentary mind. Matter is not evil. Plants never make a mistake. Plants grow automatically by the force of their nature so there is no error, falsehood or evil in them. But when the mind emerges, then there is the reign of emerging night – ratri, what was described earlier, was not the emerging night. It was a descending night, which descends into greater darkness; whereas our mind is a night which is emerging towards light not descending towards inconscient. The mind is the same as night with this difference – night is a descending night into the inconscient; our mind is a night which is emerging towards light from the inconscient. This difference in practical terms means a tremendous lot. When this mind begins to emerge towards light, its perceptions are limited. It is awaking from the exclusive concentration of consciousness but not fully emerging out of it. It is rising gradually out of its exclusive concentration of consciousness. Our mind is called chanchala – vivacious, constantly fluctuating – in a sense concentrated but in a sense not concentrated at all. Our mind is fluctuating all the time, because it is struggling to awaken. When we try to sleep, the mind gradually ceases to fluctuate and goes into sleep; but when the mind is struggling to awaken, it fluctuates a great deal but it fluctuates ignorantly. It does not know why it is fluctuating, what is its direction, what is its goal; it is groping. This groping consciousness is a special quality of our mind. In groping, it makes experiments; in making these experiments it makes errors. While making an error if the mind wants light then there will be one kind of condition; but if the mind does not demand light then it will remain fixed in the error.