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Isha Upanishad- MIRA - Verse No. 18

That is exactly the prayer which has to be done. It says:

agne naya supathārāye asmān viśvāni deva vayunāni vidvān
yuyodhy asmaj juhurānam eno bhūyisthāṁ te nama–uktim vidhema. ..18.

O god Agni! Knowing all things that are manifested, lead us by the good path to the felicity; remove from us the devious attraction of sin. To thee the most complete speech of submission we would dispose

This is the complete prayer. The last word vidhema is very important. We do our obeisance nama uktim i.e. we pray consciously in a methodical manner by vidhi. Yoga shastra gives you the method by which you put forward your prayer. The whole secret of the Vedic knowledge is given in the last passage.

Question: Then why do we need a guru?
Answer: You may come to an exhausting point and say, “O my Lord! Please do something. I am at the end of my tether.” This prayer is enough to lift you up. You may not have any guru or any shastra. If you have come to that point and you are groping, all things may help.

First of all shruti may help. Secondly, if you can know how to light the fire which is in you, how to bring it forward, the method by which you can submit yourself. Submission is a great help. Or if you know that the Supreme Lord has the power of grace then you evoke the grace to come down. In doing all this, a guru’s help is very useful. But even without a guru, because the Supreme Lord Himself is the Guru, Agni, which is in you, is your guru. The circumstance of life is your guru, your experience is your guru, but an external teacher or guru is also very good and for most of us it may be regarded as an indispensable aid. A true guru is one who always takes you to the real guru – the Supreme Lord Himself and he passes out of your life as quickly as possible. You are in the hands of the Supreme Lord Himself. The Supreme Lord is your guru and you should concentrate on Him. The real guru always comes when you really need. You should go on looking and invite God Himself as your Guru and He will send you one. You will find somebody who will help you but if you do not need the help of an external guru, he will not come because then you already will be in the hands of God. It is not necessary that you must have a guru. Guru is a help but not absolutely necessary. Rely upon the Supreme Guru Himself because He is always there. Be in touch with real shastras, real knowledge; because there are many shastras which are not correct and give all kinds of mistaken ideas. If your aspiration is correct and sincere then you will come to the right guru. If there is insincerity then one begins to insist upon the error and falsehood begins to increase and one remains stuck. So the solution is whatever we may do, we should always say to God, “Please put me on the right path.”