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Rebirth and Other Worlds - Rebirth Track 08

So Sri Aurobindo, says

“But we have found that there is a life on other planes after death and before the subsequent rebirth, a life consequent on the old and preparatory of the new stage of terrestrial existence. Other planes co–exist with ours, are part of one complex system and act constantly on the physical which is their final and lowest term, receive its reactions, admit a secret communication and commerce. Man can become conscious of these planes, and even in certain states project his consciousness being into them, partly in life, presumably therefore with a full completeness after the dissolution of the body. Such a possibility of projection into other worlds or planes of being becomes then sufficiently actual to necessitate practically its own realisation, immediately and perhaps invariably following on human earth–life if man is from the beginning endowed with such a power of self–transcendence, eventual only if he arrives at it by a gradual progression.”

If already you have the power of entering into that world then as soon as you go out of this body it will be very easy to enter into it. But if you have not attained to that level of development then you may come back immediately into this body. But if you have developed that capacity then you can go into that world after the death of the body.

“For it is possible that at the beginning he would not be sufficiently developed to carry on his life or his mind into larger Life–worlds or Mind–worlds and would be compelled to accept an immediate transmigration from one earthly body to another as his only present possibility of persistence.”

We are in the field of occult knowledge, the secret knowledge of the soul and its connection with the earth, its necessity of rebirth, a real concept of immortality and conditions of immortality. Much of the knowledge contained here is new knowledge, in the sense that in such a systematic form it has never been presented before in the history of thought.

There are many ideas which have been presented; there are many ideas that are inter–mixed with errors and exaggerations; and that is why on the problem of rebirth there has been a lot of confusion, not only here but all over the world.

Before we proceed further we should ask two or three questions very sharply so that what comes in the text becomes much more clear.

First question is who is reborn?

The second question is what is the necessity of rebirth?

The third is what is the process of rebirth?

The answer to the first question who is reborn is, there is a normal, common, popular notion that the man whom we saw dying is really reborn. This is a very common, normal idea. A man or woman who has died is reborn. And we begin to expect in the rebirth the same tendencies which that man or woman who had died possessed. If that man was heroic we expect that in next rebirth the same heroic man will continue to be heroic. If that man was greedy then in the next birth the same personality will continue to be greedy. If that personality had certain attachments with X or Y or Z then we expect that in the next birth the same will continue. Such are vague unclear, common notions. These notions are based on facts that we do not make distinctions. Between four elements which are in our personality there is the physical element, the physical body in which we are living; there is the vital element which consists of desires, impulses, attractions, repulsions, longings; there is a mental which consists of ideas, conceptions, dreams of various kinds, visions of various kinds and finally there is a soul in us. We do not even know the interconnection of all this.

As a result of this, our notion of the personality that dies and the personality that is born is also a very vague and very unclear notion. Surely the same physical body is not reborn. That body which is here is burnt and is turned to ashes or is buried and there it gets disintegrated. But besides this physical body, there is the internal body that does not get immediately disintegrated. This is called the subtle physical body. The word subtle physical is a larger term which includes subtle physical, vital and mental also. But in the subtle body there is a subtle physical body also. This subtle physical body survives for quite some time and if the vital and mental are not very much developed in us, if the soul in us is not very much developed in us, then there would be an immediate physical rebirth in another body. It would be almost a continuation of the kind of personality that there was before because nothing was developed. This answers to the common idea of the same personality being reborn. But this happens only in the case of very rudimentary human beings, very, very elementary, very barbaric human beings whose life is centered only on the physical and other parts of the being are not developed. Now, for those who have got vital being quite developed, mind also to some extent developed, and the soul also slightly developed; in that case after the disintegration of the physical body, also the subtle physical, the vital continues for some time. It was developed already; it does not disappear. But on the physical earth, basically only physical beings can live that is the specialty of this physical world.

If anyone wants to come on the earth and live on the earth, he has got to have a physical body. If he does not have a physical body then one cannot live long on the physical plane. So, there must be another plane where this vital being developed in this body, which has still not disintegrated, which is still continuing, passes through a certain plane and that must be a plane corresponding to its own nature. If it is a vital being it goes to the life plane, the vital plane, a vital world, a world which consists of vital beings. This is a part of the occult knowledge. That apart from the physical world there is a vital world.