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Rebirth and Other Worlds: PartII, Chapter XXII - Rebirth Track 16

There are many worlds and those forces and beings are also trying to infiltrate into our subliminal. We enter into subliminal and subliminal is a larger field but it is also a larger field of knowledge ignorance. It is not merely a field of knowledge but also of knowledge ignorance just as our surface consciousness is a small field of knowledge ignorance in which both knowledge and ignorance are intertwined. If you go into the inner world, the field becomes larger but this field also opens up to the play of forces of knowledge ignorance on a larger scale. That is why merely entry into the inner being is not enough.

There are many people who enter into the inner being and they remain for a long time in the inner being and their character becomes so complex; motivations are so incalculable. Sometimes some of them may be largely good and largely evil at the same time. A dynamo appears to be working in them which are both good and evil at the same time. In many ways they are good and many ways evil. This field of vital and mental is specifically called occult. Occultism is a science of the inner physical, inner vital and inner mental. But deeper than the occult is the psychic.

Then higher than the mental are many other planes. Some of the experiences of Purusha, Atman, Ishwara etc are obtained when you go beyond the mind plane. So if you remain confined only to the inner physical, inner vital and inner mental your field becomes larger no doubt. You may even get many capacities which our surface consciousness does not possess but then the personality becomes very mixed and sometimes may get possessed by certain spirits and powers which are very dangerous. So it is not safe to enter into this field without much precaution. And the best is to enter into them with a great stress on the psychic.

In fact the safest rule of inner life is to discover the psychic as soon as possible, because on the psychic plane there is no mixture of good and evil; the psychic plane is automatically open to the good – an automatic channel for all that is truth, beauty and goodness. But in this complexity everything is pell–mell together. Even the psychic element is mixed up with all these elements. But if the psychic element is more developed it can detect more clearly. It can easily detect that this particular element in the inner vital, is not the right type; this particular influence is dangerous. This is to be avoided, this is to be projected, and this is to be discouraged. That is why psychic being is Agni which is Purohitam.

Agni is to be put forward. Psychic being should be made the priest of our movement. If he is the leader of our movement, then there is inner guidance available to us all the time. It will also attract the right type of forces towards you. And all this is very important in the theory of the development of personality. The real person is the psychic being and personality is a formation of the person. But this formation in the beginning is a very complex formation consisting of the surface body, surface vital and surface mental. And something of the psychic being which percolates to the surface. That is one part of our personality.

Then there is the deeper personality which consists of the formation of inner vital, inner mental and the inner working of the psychic being. And little by little the inner psychic being is able to formulate itself more and more powerfully. The greater the emergence of the psychic being, the greater is the personality of the individual, – the true personality. There are many outer personalities which are sometimes gigantic. One lives entirely in the inner vital like Ravana, the being who lives in the vital can have a gigantic personality because of the influx of the vital world working on the personality e.g. Napoleon.

All kinds of motivations come from above, from the vital plane and if there is a communication with the surface consciousness then you get a tremendously powerful personality capable of shaking the world and developing so many powers of outer personality which may be in human perceptions quite exceptional. But from psychic point of view it may be a limited personality, vitally a great personality, but psychically a small personality.

Similarly, there can be a mental personality. There are some great men having great power of the mind and their inner being has opened up to the mental world. It is easier for them to receive ideas, ideative motives. This is how many writers write fluently. Many ideas percolate and come directly from the mental plane. They may also combine with the vital personality. Such a person may be open to both the vital plane and mental plane in different proportions. Depending on the proportions he may have a mixed vital–mental personality, big or small. And if the two can be combined together you may have a very gigantic personality. Some of the great leaders of the world have this kind of capacities. They have developed vital and mental and combined them together. But again from psychic point of view they may be quite limited. But the real personality is the personality of the psychic being, because in the psychic personality there is a power of integration which is not so much available in the mere vital and mental personalities.

Many vital and mental personalities are divided beings. They are themselves a field of battle within themselves. Their vital may move in one direction and mental in another direction. They may develop many tastes and they all remain pell–mell together in confusion. Sometimes some kind of harmony is established, superficial harmony; some integration takes place but no mastery. Man is ruled by various kinds of passions, tastes, interests, influences, beings and one is lead away for the time being and there is a long cycle of this movement and then it takes a long time to retrace one’s steps if one goes far off. So integration is a very difficult task merely at the physical, mental and vital level. But if the psychic being is brought forward and one can do it consciously and that is the basic meaning of yoga.

If one knows the meaning of yoga, one knows what the psychic being is and how it can be put forward, how it can be made to lead other parts of the being and so on; then integration becomes much more easy and there is mastery over the personality. One can develop one’s own personality with a sureness of guidance. Move in this direction and not that and so on. The psychic being becomes a purohita, the priest of the movement.