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The Soul - Track 9

Each one of us actually knows why God has done this. The Jivatman really knows why this kind of game has been selected. It is the great secret of the universe. What is the reason for this self–forgetfulness? It is only by self–forgetfulness, that gradually this self–forgetfulness can be brought to such a point that it becomes completely unconscious. First of all this self ” forgetfulness is partial but gradually you can reach a point where a stage is reached of complete unconsciousness. Now take again the example of the actor playing the role of Rama. When he concentrates only on weeping, he becomes so much one with weeping; his concentration on weeping is so great, that he even forgets he is weeping. He is not even conscious of it. It was only an act of weeping at first, and then it became real. So to arrive at complete unconsciousness ” a complete opposite of himself ” was the first intention of God. God is full consciousness, but through the consent of the individuals this possibility was created in which complete unconsciousness was created.

If this unconsciousness can be broken afterwards, then the delight, which comes out of the breaking, is extremely intense. Such a delight is not available anywhere, not even in his highest consciousness. To attain to this kind of experience ” the highest kind of delight, it was necessary to forget, to arrive at unconsciousness and then to gradually break it. During the breaking, a lot of suffering is produced. But if, during that period, you go on pressing forward and really break this unconsciousness, even partial unconsciousness, and rise up again to that original state, then something else will be added to it, which was not available in the beginning � the most intense delight, a kind of perfection in the exact opposite conditions. To give an example � unless you become very thirsty you will not understand what it means to be quenched. The real value of water is realised not when water is available easily but when you are deprived of it and are very thirsty. Then when you get water, the delight you experience in drinking it, is not available when you are getting water quite normally. Similarly, when you are deprived of the real consciousness and gradually you rise into it, the unconsciousness is completely broken and there is a rush of consciousness, then the delight that comes is tremendous. Now to gain this experience the whole drama had to be played. Each one of us has agreed to this drama; it is now no more possible for you or for me to say, �I do not like this drama.� In this drama, each Jivatman is given a specific role. It is as if God is playing the big orchestra in which each one has a certain part and we have all agreed to play that part. In the original stage, long, long ago, there was complete darkness. During the evolutionary process, first came matter, then came life, and then came mind. We are here now with our ordinary consciousness of mind. We are slightly conscious � quite unconscious in fact. We are a mixed bag. It is in this present state that we feel all kinds of dualities: happiness misery, knowledge ignorance, honour dishonour, victory defeat, we experience all kinds of dualities. It is an important stage of development and at every step; your suffering is a reminder that you have to ultimately act to break the ignorance. Do not cry over the suffering which is there, it is inevitable because you are rising from unconsciousness towards consciousness in which all kinds of experiences of duality will be there. If you feel uncomfortable, it is inevitable. In the ignorant consciousness how can you expect a complete felicity? You cannot, this is the normal state of your consciousness and the moment you feel pain, you realise that it is God�s message to you that now the time has come for you to break this and to move forward.

This knowledge has been given by the Jivatman to its delegate the psychic entity. Therefore, the psychic being has got the knowledge, automatic knowledge of what has gone before in previous births; where you have reached now and where you have to move forward. Therefore at any given stage in life, wherever there is a problem, we should take the problem as an indicator of the need to break the limitation, by going back to the soul � the psychic entity that is most immediately available to us. In our present consciousness, the Jivatman is not available because it is far off as it were, but the nearest to our body, life and mind is this antaratman, ” the psychic entity, which is seated inwardly. The Jivatman has sent this delegate into us so that we may get the guidance more easily. Therefore, individuals need to discover this soul � the psychic entity as soon as possible, particularly when we are in a situation where we really feel some kind of suffering, some kind of a need to come out of it and to really enter into a new consciousness.