Bhagavagd Gita - Session 26- Track 2605

Question: Does it not look like a contradiction?

‘That’ is true, there is no contradiction. But the important point is that Sri Krishna expresses Himself as a great teacher: a great teacher startles you. He gives you words which are surprising, mysterious, secret, which are baffling. There is no contradiction; we shall see there is no contradiction in it.

Comment: That is what I would like to understand.

There is no contradiction, but I am now reserving it for latter days because I am only collecting now all articles of knowledge which are to be found from chapter n°7 to chapter n°12; and they are very simple statements, very little but full of meaning and on which we shall have to spend quite a good deal of time.

So, this is one of those sentences which have to be noted.

Then we go to chapter n°10. As I told each chapter has got something surprising. And chapter n°10 starts with what?

śribhagavānuvāca, the Lord says:

bhūya eva mahābāho śṛṇu me paramaṁ vacaḥ |

He has already given the rājavidyā; the rājaguhya is has given, supreme secret. Now Sri Krishna says: bhūya eva mahā-bāho śṛṇu me paramaṁ vacaḥ: “Once again you hear the supreme word”, bhūya eva: “I have told you the highest thing, but lest you have forgot, I would like to summarise it again”. But even while saying it, He will again add something into it, so that the knowledge will become more complex.

So He says:

bhūya eva mahābāho śṛṇu me paramaṁ vacaḥ |
yatte ’haṁ priyamāṇāya vakṣyāmi hitakāmyayā ||1|| (X)

‘Why am I telling you this again? And that to paramaṁ vacaḥ, secret of secrets, supreme word, why again?’ yat te ’haṁ priyamāṇāya vakṣyāmi, “You have become very dear to Me, you are yourself feeling delight in Me”. The essence of Bhakti is to feel delight in the Divine: Bhakti is not dancing and all that emotionalism. Bhakti is to feel delight in the Divine; priyamāṇāya, the moment you begin to feel happy to hear the word “God”, that is Bhakti.

Those who are Asuric, Rakshasic, they feel nothing when they hear about God. But those who are really on the way to the Truth, even hearing that the Divine is at the door, your whole being flies out of you to receive the Divine. What for? For nothing, there is nothing to be gained: not for kingdom sake, not for this wealth sake, nothing at all: it is a pure delight in the presence of the Divine.

So, Sri Krishna says that as you are now beginning to feel the delight in Me, therefore I am telling you: bhūya eva mahābāho śṛṇu me paramaṁ vacaḥ, now you hear again.

Now, He repeats it and says:

na me viduḥ suragaṇāḥ prabhavaṁ na maharṣayaḥ |
ahamādirhi devānāṁ maharṣīṇāṁ ca sarvaśaḥ ||2|| (X)

It is a repetition but worth repeating; bhūya eva, again and again;paramaṁ vacaḥ, ‘I have no origin; everything else has an origin, but I have no origin; even gods and Maharshis have tried to find the origin of Me, they can’t find the origin because I have no origin’.

yo māmajamanādiṁ ca vetti lokamaheśvaram |
asaṁmūḍhaḥ sa martyeṣu sarvapāpaiḥ pramucyate ||3|| (X)

“One who knows Me, aja, unborn; anādiṁ, one who has no origin; ca vetti loka-maheśvaram, and one who knows Me as the Lord of the whole universe, he is asaṁmūḍhaḥ, he is awaken; even among the mortals, martyeṣu asaṁmūḍhaḥ sarva-pāpaiḥ pramucyate, and he is liberated from all the sins.” What is to be done? Only one word: He is anādiṁ, and He is aja, He has no origin, only this word: “I am without origin”.

And then in verse n°6, He explains further. We had said Jnana consists in the ‘Jnana of Being’; Vijnana consists in the ‘knowledge of becoming which is rooted in the Being’. Now, that becoming which is rooted in the being’ has a certain movement. …

… priyamānāya, that is very important.

Question: Becoming is phenomenon?

Yes, becoming is phenomenon.