Bhagavagd Gita - Session 32- Track 3211

So, Sri Krishna will describe here those manifestations, where there is a permanent characteristic of manifestation of Para Prakriti, not a full manifestation of Para Prakriti because that would be the complete manifestation of all aspects of the Divine, but in some specific threads of development, on certain lines of development. But even that is sufficient to tell you that if this is possible under special circumstances, in certain individuals, it is also possible for everyone, and therefore you can see the Divine everywhere even when the special manifestations have not come out. You can then see the Divine everywhere, whether that Divine manifests in Para Prakriti’s form and is perfection or not. To perceive the dynamic omnipresence of the Divine and to perceive the possibility of a perfect manifestation of the Divine: that is the secret of Vibhutiyoga.

This is what Sri Krishna wanted to tell Arjuna, that all these individuals who are here, they are all manifestation of the Divine: Drona and Karna, as well as Yudhishtira and Arjuna, and Bharata and Bhima and others, they are all manifestations of the Divine. The entire battle is the divine manifestation. In this battle everyone is carrying the Divine’s will. Even unwillingly he carries out the Divine’s will without knowledge; he has now the privilege of knowing the divine will divinely, supremely with the revelation: “Therefore I now declare to you: fight!” The answer of Sri Krishna is not merely an intellectual answer but shows him that here is the presence of the Divine everywhere and “I am the source of everything, and I give you the command: fight!”

Comment: So, it is the dialogue of Nara and Narayan.

That’s right, absolutely, correct. I think we shall stop here now because the description of the Vibhutis is not so difficult. But this was the most important part which explains what is the purpose of this Vibhutiyoga and why Sri Krishna enumerates, so that all the Vibhutis when they are known fully become to know the omnipresence of the Divine. And then this battlefield will not be seen as if something contrary to the Divine. This battlefield itself is a work, which will show you the depth of the Divine’s presence: the battlefield itself is the Divine’s field.

Therefore, Kurukshetra is Dharmakshetra which was right in the very first word of the Bhagavad Gita that is what is described, and this is the purpose of this Vibhutiyoga which will lead us then in the 11th chapter into Vishvarupadarshan.

That we shall see next time.