Bhagavagd Gita - Session 37- Track 3703

In the 14th chapter, we have a fuller description of how in this world, we as individuals are caught: what are we; from where we emerge; and how we get entangled into this world. In other words there is an exposition of the soul, bondage of the soul to Prakriti and the means by which one is liberated from the lower Prakriti and enjoys the immortal Dharma, the higher Prakriti, the Para Prakriti. Therefore, the 14th chapter delves largely upon the means by which the soul gets bound: our present condition of bondage is described in the 14th chapter, and the means by which can be liberated is very briefly given: very briefly because the first 12 chapters were already an exposition of the liberation, (how to liberate by the three Yogas).

Therefore, here only a short reference is made to it, and by these three Yogas combined together in a synthetic manner will lead you to a liberation not only from nature, which is normally the understanding of the idea of liberation, but also when you are liberated in nature. it is a concept of a liberation, a concept of immortality and both these words are used quite often in this chapter: ‘amṛitam aśnute’ is a question of enjoyment of immortality, is a liberation which gives you enjoyment of immortality. It’s reminiscent of the Isha Upanishad where we are told:

‘avidyayā mṛtyuṁ tīrtvā vidyayā ’mṛtamaśnute’ (Isha U. 11)

“By avidya you cross the death and then by vidya you enjoy immortality.”

So, amṛtamaśnute: enjoyment of immortality. In other words: how you transcend Apara Prakriti and go into Para Prakriti. And it is only when you are seated into Para Prakriti that you are really liberated. It’s a very important concept of liberation.

We shall come to this when we come to this 14th chapter, but we are only noting down here the main points which are made in these last 6 chapters. What is bondage? What is liberation? What is immortality? What is the passage from Apara Prakriti to Para Prakriti? And how liberation really means entering into Para Prakriti and arrival at amṛitam Dharma? The important word which is used is ‘sādharmya mukti’, the liberation which is a liberation by attaining oneness not only with the supreme Lord in His silence, in His utter Peace, not only in enjoyment in the embrace of the Lord, but even in action, in the processes of action, so in every movement, action does not bind you, just as the supreme Lord Himself acts but is not bound by any action, similarly you participate in the same status of the Supreme Lord, just as He acts and does not get bound…